About the Designer

DM 0037A collection of handcrafted jewelry inspired by a life surrounded by art, sculpture and design define the aesthetic that is Diana Ciler Jewelry. Each beautifully constructed piece envelopes the designer’s commitment to collectors of all generations and ages. Her philosophy is to design a luxurious, wearable and versatile line of artistic pieces.

Diana Ciler Jewelry is unique in it’s wonderful mix of eclectic elements and sheer sophistication. The designer is delighted to juxtapose semi-precious stones with diamonds. Each handcrafted piece is thoughtfully stylized and dedicated to the designer’s inspired message. The outfit is important but the accessories are everything.

Diana’s signature creative style effortlessly fits all personal aesthetics and allows for the mixing of textures and materials. Her rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are designed to be mixed, stacked and layered. Combining pieces results in a distinctive look that infuses intriguing details to simply stunning elements.

Diana Ciler is a New York based designer who has been fortunate to have spent her life surrounded by a mix of cultures. Having earned a graduate degree with a concentration in psychotherapy, Diana uses her education, her fashion forward vision and her passion to empower others through her design process and pieces.